Woodinville is Wine Country

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With over 100 tasting rooms and wineries here in Woodinville, if you haven’t already done so, break out the map and make it a point to come visit. Residents of Woodinville zip codes get a discount on wines and tastings.

Kevin and I went through the map this weekend, we found that we have visited about 90% of these wineries and tasting rooms already, another 10% to go!

You can download the maps here: http://woodinvillewinecountry.com/maps/

Here is a link to Woodinville Wine Country Tour Guide

Need a guide? we would love to show you around Woodinvilles’ best!

If you are local here, there are many volunteer opportunities to experience the wine making process first hand, working side by side with the winemaker on bottling, labeling or crush activities.

– Julia and Kevin

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