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Love and Rosé are in the air! #2019RoséPartyRoundup

2019 is kicking off with a #2019RoséPartyRoundup update!

Here are the WA Rosé Wine Release Time Frames:

Now Available:
Sparkman Cellars: 2018 this old porch Rosé
Gorman: “42-39-56…That’s a lot of Rose’”
Chateau St Michelle

Coming Soon!

Patterson Cellars: Feb 9th: Patterson Cellars Rosé, Forbidden Rosé and a 2017 Sparkling Rosé of Pinot Noir.
Guardian Cellars new : 2/14. I can’t wait to try Jerry’s new Rosé!
Goose Ridge: March
Mark Ryan: March
Ancestry Cellars: April
William church: April
Lauren Ashton Cellars: April 21st: Announcing two this year! Ashton Troy and Lauren Ashton Rosé
WT Vintners: Mid April
Matthews: May
Longshadows Vintners: Early Spring. Usually Rosé of Pinot Gris,
Efeste: Early Spring
Kennedy Shaw: Spring
Charles Smith: (K Vintners) Spring
Underground Wine Company: “And Why am I Mr. Pink”: Spring
TBD: Love that Red, Airfield, Col Solare, Northstar.




Valentines Day just got a whole lotta Rosé

Rose 2015 party

Click this link to go directly to the 2016 Valentines Day Events in Woodinville Wine Country

Rosé wine, whether its in the middle of February on a rainy day in Woodinville, or a hot sunny day in the park at the Celebrate Woodinville Festival, Rosé wine is one of our favorites. There is something about the wine that is exciting to me, because it has such a range of dryness and sweetness, depending on the grapes used and each winemakers creation.


Photo courtesy of Gorman Winery Facebook


This weekend is Valentines Day, the start of an exciting time for Kevin and I in Woodinville. We head out collecting Rosé wines each year, amassing a large collection of wines from Woodinville wine makers. Whether its a seafood dinner on a Tuesday, or a romantic dinner at the LeBrendt Bistro, or our 4th annual Rosé Roundup party in August, a Rosé wine is great at anytime! Get out for a visit to Woodinville Wine Country, there is so much to see!

Here is a list of Valentines Day Events!


Julia & Kevin @tastingfoodwine